Imagine this is YOUR website . . .

Of course you have a BEAUTIFUL website, with lots of opportunities for prospects to contact you.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t.

If only there was a way to engage with visitors.
(Especially the “Tomorrow” customers who aren’t ready to buy, just yet.)

What if you could offer them something, which exactly fits their situation?

A “LEAD MAGNET” which attracts their interest. (Magnet. Attract. Get it?!)

And just like magic, that’s exactly what appears – either when they leave, or after a delay of your choice. (It’s set to 20 secs for this demo.)

It might be called:

  • “The Top 5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make”
  • “How To Choose The Right Lighting For Different Rooms”
  • “The Five Important Questions To Ask When Choosing a House Painter”
  • “Seven Secret ‘Insider Tips’ For When You’re Moving Home” or
  • “3 Things You Need to Know About Tax Before Hiring an Accountant”

It’s something your ideal customer really wants to know.

Go ahead – read the Free Guide to learn how it works!

(P.S.  You can ALSO generate leads on mobile devices!)