Autoresponder Machines

There are two types of customer:

The TODAY customer, who is already in the market to buy the product or service you sell. That’s why you advertise – to find Today customers and sell to them.

But there’s also the TOMORROW customer, who is interested in what you sell but isn’t yet ready to buy.  Maybe the timing isn’t right, or maybe their problem/opportunity isn’t fully developed.

Step 1: Start with our Lead Sensation tool.

It offers a “Lead Magnet” to “attract” serious prospects and then captures their contact details (after verifying they’re correct.)

But that’s only the beginning.

You see, depending on your business, it may take five, six, eight, ten or more contacts (or “touches”) before you’ve built up the credibility and trust needed before Tomorrow customers are willing to buy.

That’s why you need . . .

Step 2: Add an Autoresponder Machine.

Lead Sensation will bring you the easy money. The low-hanging fruit. The TODAY customers. But from now on, you don’t need to stop there!

Add an Autoresponder machine and you can also capture the interest of all the TOMORROW customers – and then educate them by sharing information that turns them into astute buyers.

Imagine if you could teach them:

    • what to look for
    • what to avoid
    • what questions to ask
    • how to compare, or choose
    • how to save time and money
    • how to recognize a good deal

To somebody considering products and services like yours, it’s highly valuable information.

Because they’ve given permission for you to teach them more, you can build a long-term relationship with your list of warm “Tomorrow” prospects.

As marketer Dan Kennedy says, for any business, the next most valuable asset – after cash in the bank – is a list of people that want to hear from you.

Building valuable relationships

When you think about it, ALL successful marketing is relationship based: building rapport and empathy. We can do that with a carefully crafted sequence of email messages, “dripped” out over a 30-day period.

Interestingly, research shows that across all age groups, email is the preferred method for commercial communication.

Depending on their age group, 65% to 78% of adults name it as their no.1 preference – compared to just 0-4% who prefer social media!

Of course, you need to set up your machine properly.

There’s the technical stuff: landing page, lead magnet, opt-in overlay, database
management, address verification, thank you page, lead magnet delivery, etc.

And then there’s the skill set required to write a sophisticated email sequence for the autoresponder: subject lines, hooks, stories, open loops, click through links and so on.

Some businesses need more than one Autoresponder Machine.

Imagine a law firm, for example, with expertise in Property, Family, and Business law.  They’ll have to address the different needs of different clients, so the smart solution is to build a Machine for each of these sections on their website.

Maybe you like the idea of an automated sales machine?
A “pipeline” of future sales?

Well, it’s up to you. You can do nothing, or you can get in touch and we’ll chat about what you’re doing. We’ll help you figure out whether or not Autoresponder Machines are right for you.